Wednesday, July 21st, 2021

SoulCalibur VI Commemorates 2 Million Sold with New Art by Takuji Kawano, Cassandra Concepts


On Twitter, Bandai Namco announced SoulCalibur VI has reached over 2 million copies sold worldwide and revealed a new celebratory artwork by Takuji Kawano featuring the full roster! First released in 2018, SoulCalibur VI brought the iconic series back into the competitive limelight after a 6-year absence in the genre. After taking a closer look at the beautiful new illustration below, continue scrolling down to see some newly released concept art for Cassandra Alexandra (with commentary by Bandai Namco) and upcoming dates for SoulCalibur VI 2021 Online Challenge events.

Throughout this year and last, Bandai Namco has shared new concept artwork for each member of the SoulCalibur 6 roster on their canonical birthday. July 20th happens to be the birthday of Cassandra Alexandra, so scroll down to see some brand new concept illustrations with commentary by Bandai Namco!

"This is the concept art of Cassandra. The design is based on the image of a brave and courageous ancient Greek warrior. The new main color, orange, and the heroic fluttering scarf are the features of this costume."

"In the rough draft stage, we considered many variations of the uniform-style costumes from past works. The modern sheer tights inherited from SC2 could not be removed as an important feature of Cassandra."

  See the full Concept Art Gallery

Last but not least, Bandai Namco announced upcoming online tournaments from July 20th - December 27th. Below are details and regions the events will take place.

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