Blair Dame


After growing up in a somewhat sheltered European family, Blair jumped at the chance to travel when her friend presented the opportunity. Even though she had an education that included martial arts, Blair felt reassured of their safety with a bodyguard there to protect them. Blair is also the sister of Sharon.
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Street Fighter EX

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Fighting Layer

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Page Updated:  Mar. 2nd, 2017

Besides being a full-figured babe, Blaire doesn't have a whole lot going for her as a design. To me she seems sorta cool in SFEX, though a bit under-developed. Capcom / Arika seemingly decided to scrap her design (and go with Sharon instead), because they didn't bother bringing Blair back in in EX2 or EX3. :/ Blaire had potential, but she was definitely outshined by other characters in the EX series. Years later, it was cool (and also weird) to see her return in Fighting Layer. If anything, I like her hairstyle.

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