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Kage is described as "the Embodiment of the Satsui". The Satsui no Hado is a dark force tied to the more sinister aspects of the human soul, including the hunger to survive, destroy, and conquer. Those who learn to control it become nearly unstoppable, but at the cost of their humanity. Akuma is one of these beings. In the past, Ryu was constantly struggling with keeping the Satsui no Hado at bay. If he was hypothetically unable to control it, Evil Ryu would manifest and bring a dark obsession to the otherwise peaceful Ryu.

However, after the events of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, Ryu was able to overcome the Satsui no Hado’s temptation to ensure Evil Ryu would never see the light. However, the Satsui no Hado living within Ryu became sentient and would rise as the entity known as Kage, meaning “shadow” in Japanese. Kage lives to prove Ryu is nothing without him and seeks to challenge Akuma and Sagat, two of Ryu’s most notorious rivals. Will Ryu succumb to Kage’s schemes?


Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

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Page Updated:  Jan. 9th, 2019

Remember that "awkward time" during the lifecycle of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures toy line in the 90's (or any popular action figures line), when they started milking the popularity of it by introducing rehash designs like "scuba dive action Raphael" and "Chef Leonardo"? It seems that's about where SFV's lifecycle is... near the end.

Kage looks like an overpowered MUGEN character. This is what happens when Capcom's designers are out of ideas and watch too many MUGEN videos. This is no Evil Ryu. This is the type of Ryu that gets kicked out of a hardcore German goth club and told to go down the street to the ravers club where the glow-light-wearin' furries and anime folk are hanging out. Kage? More like Kah-gay. This character doesn't look "evil" at all. His moveset looks like a mix between Oni's and Evil Ryu's from SF4, and that'll probably be the only saving grace of the character, if any. Btw, Lucky Chloe wants her cat-ear headphones back. Kah-gay's extra long red ribbons only make him look more like Chloe. ^___^ So kawaii.

Last but not least... Kage strikes me as a fighting game character specifically designed for eSports. Him being shirtless makes Kage a nice plain canvas for Capcom to place their now infamous "sponsor ads" on, and... they can even sell those cheapy light-up devil/cat horns at tournaments so the crowd can wear them and be seen clearly on stream. I see what you're up to, Capcom.

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