Wednesday, March 31st, 2021    

Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash Out Now in Japan, Coming Westward on April 15th


The Nintendo Switch port of Fighting EX Layer is now available to download in the Japan eShop. The core game is free to download and includes Kairi, Shirase, Darun Mister, and D. Dark, along with Arcade and Offline Versus mode. An add-on package priced at $25 adds the full roster to the game (14 additional characters including Terry Bogard), along with Training Mode and Online. The latest trailer for Another Dash (below) was posted by Arika today and shows the new EX-Dash / EX-Arrow systems in action. As we already knew, the Switch port's graphics quality has been heavily reduced from the original PS4 version and 4K-enabled Steam edition. Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash arrives in North America and Europe on April 15th, 2021.

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 Source:  Arika (YouTube)   

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