Thursday, February 11th, 2021

SFV: Champion Edition Eleven & Oro Teaser Clips


Today's Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Winter Update stream was packed with many minutes of all new gameplay footage starring Street Fighter Alpha era fan-favorites, Rose and Dan Hibiki (who joins the roster on Feb. 22nd, 2021). If you didn't watch the stream in its entirety, you might've missed the teaser clips of upcoming Season 5 DLC characters... Oro and Eleven. For your convenience, below are the official teasers for returning SFIII series veteran Oro and the newly announced, Eleven! Similar to Tekken's Mokujin, Eleven will act as the first "random / mimic" character of the Street Fighter series.






 Sources:  Street Fighter (YouTube)@Fighters_Gen     

SFV: Champion Edition Rose & Dan Gameplay Preview, New Defensive Mechanic: "V-Shift"

During the SFV: Champion Edition Winter Update stream, Capcom revealed brand new gameplay footage of Dan Hibiki and showed several minutes of Rose as well. The trailer previews a decent portion of Rose's moveset on her reimagined SFA2 stage. Capcom showed around 5 minutes of Dan Hibiki gameplay as well, revealing many more details about his fighting style.
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