Tuesday, February 9th, 2021

Capcom Confirms Rose Reveal for Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Livestream on February 11th


Over the past several days, Capcom has been hyping up their upcoming SFV: Champion Edition livestream on February 11th. Alongside Dan Hibiki, Rose is the next Season 5 DLC character coming to the game this year. Today on Twitter, Capcom posted a tarot card-inspired illustration of Rose (part of a physical set which came with some collector's editions of SFV:CE), confirming Rose will indeed be appearing in some form during the Capcom Fighters stream this Thursday. Here's the full quality illustration of Rose, below.


Once again, the SFV Winter Update stream is set for February 11th (9:00am PST) on Twitch.tv/CapcomFighters. Keep it here on Fighters Gen for upcoming SFV Season 5 news and announcements.

 Source:  Capcom (Twitter)     

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