Sunday, January 31st, 2021

Inside The World of Fighting Games | RESET


A new series by Vice News called "RESET" dives deep into the culture of eSports and video gaming. The fighting game genre and community even got its very own episode now available to watch on Youtube in its entirety (below). From the humble beginnings of fighting games to the current generation of eSports players, the fighting game episode of RESET runs through the history of the genre and how much it has grown since the arcade days. For starters, the episode contains a great interview with FGC veteran and tournament champion, Alex Valle. The later half touches on some of the drama surrounding recent allegations of bad conduct at events and on social media from certain "vocal" members of various scenes and communities. In the second half of the episode, female Pro TEKKEN 7 player EQNX | CuddleCore weighs in on modern issues facing women in the FGC.

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 Sources:  VICE (YouTube)Alex Valle (Twitter)CuddleCore (Twitter)     

Street Fighter: Duel Character Illustrations

Happy New Year 2021 and welcome to TFG's first article of the year. Last year, we posted an article all about Street Fighter: Duel a mobile RPG spin-off of the series in development. Street Fighter: Duel was originally announced with a main visual resembling Persona 5's main menu, but the art style for the game has changed quite dramatically since then. Inside, check out new SF:Duel character art!
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