Thursday, February 6th, 2020

Granblue Fantasy Versus Teaches Fighting Game Slang in New Glossary Mode


Granblue Fantasy Versus launched today on PlayStation 4 in Japan, as fans with Japanese PSN accounts are currently enjoying and learning more about Arc System Works' shiny new 2.5D fighter! One of the new interesting features discovered in GBVS is an informative fighting game "slang" Glossary mode, providing full definitions of well-known terminology for high-level gameplay tech... terms made popular by typical FGC conversations. Do you not fully know the meanings of words like "Okizeme", "Buffering", or "Meaty"? Well, Rushdown that shit and let Arc System Works teach you the ropes! Below are some screenshots of the Fighting Game Terms menu courtesy of HDKirin on Twitter. Click any image below to take a closer look.

In development, Arc System Works previously mentioned Granblue Fantasy Versus was developed as a fighting game designed to help new players entering the genre. An ultra-informative Glossary filled to the brim with nearly every fighting game term imaginable seems like a perfect way to help newcomers get into fighting games! TFG approves.

   Below, take another look at the North America PS4 Premium Edition contents.

          Granblue Fantasy Versus launches on PS4 in North America March 3rd, 2020.

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Sources:  KotakuHDKirin
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