POSTED:  Wednesday, December 27th, 2017        (Dec. 28th, 2017)

TFG Presents: Fighting EX Layer Beta Combo Video for Kairi, ALlen Snider & Skullomania


Now that the Fighting EX Layer PS4 beta has concluded, TFG presents an exclusive combo video starring Allen Snider, Kairi and Skullomania. For each character, I cover a wide variety of combos: beginner, intermediate, cross-ups, jump-ins, corner, etc. I didn't try to break the game during the beta. Instead, I focused mostly on combos that I think will make the cut to the final version of the game. That said, if you plan on learning any of the above characters, definitely take a look at these combos. I hope all of you SFEX originals enjoy the video. (Don't forget to like and drop a comment!)

[UPDATE] And thanks for featuring my video Shoryuken.com. This marks my 10th featured video on SRK. 

Stay tuned on FightersGeneration.com for full coverage of Fighting EX Layer!

Sources:  Fighters Generation (Youtube)Shoryuken.com
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