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Alba Meira
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At the age of three, Alba lost his parents to an accident and was raised in an orphanage in Germany along with his "younger" twin brother, Soiree. The day he turned 14, he escaped the orphanage together with his brother and settled in Southtown. Fate, the city's boss at that time, took them under his wing, altering the wariness of the two brothers toward adults. When Alba turned 18, he left Fate and chose to make his own way, under his own power, in the wilds of Southtown. 

After Fate died due to a war with the group Mephistopheles, Alba tried to avenge his death by fighting Duke, the head of Mephistopheles. However, he realized that Duke did not kill Fate with his own hands, so he could not avenge his death yet. Despite this, Alba defeated Duke, which resulted in him becoming the new leader of Southtown, although he was reluctant to accept this title. He works together with his brother, Soiree, and his friends to keep order in the city. Alba's Gang is called "The Sons Of Fate" based on Hyena's story, and their followers called him as his mentor, "Fate". Alba's nickname is "The Devil of Daybreak."

In the OVA "Another Day," Alba and his men manage to evacuate Southtown as the city becomes covered in flames. Alba tries to find the source of the disturbance, only to run into Kyo, who he consequently fights. In KOF: Maximum Impact 2, Alba comes across Luise and Jivatma, leader of Kusiel/Kushieru, who both mention something about Alba and Soiree's past and their connection to a being called Eudaim/Judeim. At the very end of Alba's ending, he speaks in a double voice. This happened in both the English and Japanese versions, so it is hinted that Alba is starting to become aware of his existence as Judeim.
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The King of Fighters: Maximum Impact


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Page Updated:  June 28th, 2020

Alba might look a little odd at first glace, but he seems to fit into the KOF universe fairly well. If anything, he seems a bit "over-designed"... but the intricacy of his outfit is kinda cool. I think he looks more natural in 2D form, as opposed to 3D, but that's probably true for most KOF characters (which is part of the reason KOF: Maximum Impact wasn't a big hit). He's not a bad design, but definitely not the best we've seen from KOF.

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