Duke was the King of Southtown and the leader of the Mephistopheles gang, a sub-syndicate of the underworld organization Addes. He answers to Jivatma, who he used to work for before he became Mephistopheles' leader. Jivatma refers to him as Type "D" (although he hates this name) and his underling, Nagase, as Type "N." Currently, Duke is seen as a traitor to Addes, although he is a member of The Children of Kokaviel (a group of Addes' top authorities). He is connected to Lien Neville in that he is responsible for her parents' death but spared her life. Duke is also responsible for the death of Fate, Alba and Soiree's mentor, but not directly by his own hand.

Duke enters the next tournament to "redeem" himself after being defeated by Alba, and therefore, losing his position as the King of Southtown. He apparently underwent a surgical modification early on after his parents vanished. He underwent the surgery so that Addes would cure his sister, who died for an unknown reason. The fact that she died greatly bothers Duke and he often starts the statement "It is an old story...20 years ago."

The King of Fighters: Maximum Impact



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Page Updated:  July 25th, 2019

I thought Duke was a lame boss in the first Maximum Impact, but his return in Maximum Impact 2 actually improved his design quite a bit. Being a default character in MI2 helped his case, along with having an improved and more balanced moveset. His default dress shirt "fancy" style is pretty cool too. I can jive with that style. However, I have so say Duke's his post-apoc-looking 2nd player appearance seems totally unnecessary... but some of his "other" alternate outfits and colors aren't half bad. 

Worth mentioning, Duke reminds me of Kazuya Mishima in some ways... he's got the evil glare down pat, but in this case it seems like more of a rip-off than any kind of homage to old Kaz. Still, Duke is pretty cool in his final iteration.

On a side note: If I worked out every day, took steroids, and somehow got up to 260 lbs, I would pretty much look like Duke. The dude has my hairstyle. lol. Also, I love how the announcer says his name: "DUUUUUUUUU-uuuuuuuuke."

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