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There was an underground organization hidden in the shadows which went by the name "Bird of Passage". They were affiliated with no single side, forming contracts with the powerful and sending out assassins to eliminate important figures. The group kept its existence in secret, influencing the history of Europe from behind the scenes. Tira was raised by the group since childhood, stripped of her freedom and choice for her future. Since her younger days she grew accustomed to taking the lives of others without feeling anything. The act of killing became a regular routine in her life, so much that she needs to kill on a regular basis for the stimulation it provides.

Tira worked to improve her skills with a cheerful demeanor, as if she enjoyed her job, but even herself wasn't aware that it was only to hide her true feelings. Tira was in the middle of a mission when the Evil Seed rained down. The leader's mind was burnt by the evil energy and the chain of command collapsed. Suddenly Tira was free from the underground and into the outside world. Eventually she forgot where she was when this event happened.

For a while Tira lived with an ordinary family in a quiet city among normal people. Unlike the world she had come from, nothing here satisfied her desire, but she thought that this lifestyle could be okay. But soon enough her peaceful days ended; one day she had set free the family's child bird pet without a clear reason and was scolded. That simple event triggered her dormant killing desire. By the time she realized what happened, she was in front of the corpse of her former "family". Realizing she couldn't live without killing, Tira began an aimless wandering, killing as she went.

One day she came to know the massacres caused by Nightmare. Her heart leapt at the thought of finding someone like herself. She tracked the Azure Knight and reached Ostrheinsburg, where she met a man carrying a scythe. The man revealed her that what she sought was the wicked sword Soul Edge, and that Nightmare was just a puppet. Tira was somewhat disappointed for the revelation, but a short time later she heard rumors of the Azure Knight's reappareance. She followed the trail of slaughters and finally found Nightmare, the bringer of destruction and despair beyond her wildest dreams. finally finding someone to give herself entirely, she turned into the sword's faithful servant.

Now Tira operates secretly behind the scenes with two set objectives: destroy the spirit sword, and thus breaking the seal over Soul Edge's body; and locate a new host for the cursed sword, since his actual body is an unstable temporal shell and he needs a host with both strong spiritual will and a body to operate.
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Soul Calibur 3



Soul Calibur 3 Arcade Edition, Soul Calibur 4, Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny, Soul Calibur 5, Soul Calibur 6

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Page Updated:  Jan. 20th, 2024

Just when you might've thought the SoulCalibur designers couldn't come up with any truly new or "creative" weapon styles... along came Tira. As soon as I saw Tira's design, I knew she'd be an original and interesting SoulCalibur character. Seeing Tira in action with her bladed hula hoop of death is a sight to behold. Her fighting style not only completely unique to fighting games / video games... but she's just unique, period.

I'll admit... I found Tira's  original green & purple color scheme to be a bit "loud" for SoulCalibur and even slightly nauseating, so I was happy to see Namco change up her design in SC3/SC4/SC5 to a darker / more "goth girl" attire. But for the record, all of Tira's outfits are pretty damn cool... even her alternate costumes (her alt. SC4 costume is a personal favorite). Tira's evil personality is undeniably cool and sexy. As fighting game character, Tira definitely offers something unique... giving the SoulCalibur series yet another amazing character to show off brilliant of the animation engine and game engine. Yeah, she's fun to use too!

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