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Uranus made her first appearance in Battle Arena Toshinden 2, as an unlockable sub-boss. She also appeared as the unlockable final boss in both the Game Boy version of Battle Arena Toshinden and the Japan-only spin-off Puzzle Arena Toshinden. She is also the main antagonist in the OVA, and is depicted as being the leader of the Secret Society instead of Master, who is absent from it.

She is the angel-like, but extremely power-hungry second-in-command of the Secret Society, a criminal organization, and is rumored to be plotting to overthrow its current leader, Master. Prior to joining the Secret Society, Uranus was an ordinary woman and the girlfriend of Duke B. Rambert.

When she learned that Gaia, one of her co-workers, had hosted the first Toshinden tournament behind the Secret Society's back, she declared him a traitor and marked him for death. However, Gaia escaped and went into hiding. She then send him an invitation to the second tournament in an attempt to lure him out. Although Gaia indeed entered, Uranus was eventually killed herself, along with Master, by him and the rest of the fighters he had aligned himself with during the tournament.

During the events of the fourth tournament, a girl named Puella Marionette carries Uranus' bow and it is strongly implied that Uranus was her mother.


Battle Arena Toshinden 2   (PS1 version)



Battle Arena Toshinden (Gameboy version)



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Her design is actually pretty cool... she's like a futuristic female knight / valkyrie. Moveset-wise, Uranus is pretty cheap with that bow & arrow. She's up there with SS5 Mina in terms of projectile cheapness (almost). lol. As one of the new / unlockable characters in Toshinden 2, she wasn't too bad of an addition and had some personality.

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