Monday, December 20th, 2021 

Android 21 (Lab Coat) Coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ


During Jump Festa 2022, Bandai Namco Europe revealed a new playable character is coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ. However, it's not an entirely new character... and actually one who debuted in Dragon Ball FighterZ itself. The upcoming DLC will be the human-form "Lab Coat" version of Android 21, who is already playable as her Majin form. Interestingly, Android 21 debuted wearing her lab coat, before fans knew about her Majin abilities. (I'm not 100% on the DBZ lore but I think I got that right.) Bandai Namco Europe officially announced Android 21 (Lab Coat) with this very short teaser trailer.

* Bandai Namco Europe will likely release a more comprehensive gameplay trailer for Android 21 very soon! Like other series characters who take up new DBFZ character slots just by changing their outfits, the playable version of Android 21 (Lab Coat) will have her own distinguished fighting style and animations. Bandai Namco hasn't announced any details on release date yet but says the new character is "coming soon".

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 Source:  Bandai Namco Europe (YouTube)                   

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