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DNF Duel Launcher Reveal Trailer


The latest and 12th playable character joining DNF Duel's roster has been revealed. Nexon shared the official reveal trailer for Launcher the female gunner class who we previously saw in some screenshots and artwork a few months back. Launcher's gameplay trailer confirms she will join the fight with a ridiculous variety of guns and artillery that she can summon from pretty much anywhere. After watching the official trailer (below), scroll further down to see 8 screenshots of Launcher. Nexon's description of Launcher is as follows: "She who demolishes battlefields with her diverse array of heavy arms! Check out the Launcher's spacetime-piercing lasers in her gameplay video!"

[UPDATE] Added Launcher's full DNF Duel movelist in English (below).



DNF Duel releases on Steam, PlayStation 5, and PS4 on June 28th, 2022.
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