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Guilty Gear -STRIVE- First Anniversary Stream Revealing Season 2 News May 25th


Arc System Works announced an upcoming Guilty Gear -STRIVE- 1-year anniversary stream on May 25th. The stream will feature discussions with the development team, exhibition matches, and will reveal new information about Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Season 2 content. In March, the company announced four new upcoming characters along with crossplay between the PC and PlayStation versions. Series creator Daisuke Ishiwatari will also be composing new songs for Season 2. The stream will be live on the official Arc System Works YouTube channel on Wednesday, May 25th (8pm JST / 1pm CET / 7am EST / 4am PST).

Above, see official promotional images for Guilty Gear STRIVE's 1-year anniversary and the upcoming Arc System Works live stream on May 25th via the official website.

Arc System Works is also conducting a poll in Japan from May 11th-22nd, asking fans to choose their favorite characters and songs from Guilty Gear -STRIVE-. The poll includes all playable characters in the game, plus NPCs who appear in story mode. During the livestream, Arc System Works will be announcing the results of their poll.
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