Wednesday, May 17th, 2023 

Asuka R# Revealed for Guilty Gear -STRIVE-


Wednesday night, Arc System Works revealed a new character for Guilty Gear -STRIVE-. The fourth and final character of GGST's Season Pass 2 is Asuka R. Kreutz (Asuka R# for short) who officially joins the roster May 25, 2023. The trailer also reveals the latest Battle Stage coming to the game, "Tír na nÓg". Additionally, a new "Appreciation color" for the game's 24 characters (free DLC) becomes available on May 25th for Guilty Gear's 25th anniversary, as well as 48 additional (paid DLC) colors. In case you're into Guilty Gear lore and were wondering, Asuka #R is also known as "That Man", a character who has been mentioned in the storyline since the Guilty Gear X series.



In Arc World Tour 2023 news, the company recently announced the tournament for Guilty Gear -STRIVE- will have a $100,000 finals prize pool with first place taking home $50K. You can watch the most recent trailer for the Arc World Tour 2023 inside our previous article. Below, take a look at the Additional Battle Stage revealed in the trailer alongside the new character colors arriving May 25th, 2023.




Also check out
the newly created TFG profile for Asuka R. Kreutz (AKA "That Man"). Guilty Gear -STRIVE- is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Steam, Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. Stay tuned on Fighters Generation for updates to this story and more Guilty Gear -STRIVE- news.
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