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Arc System Works Launches 35th Anniversary Site


Arc System Works is celebrating their 35th Anniversary in 2023. Over the past 3 decades, the company has evolved from a small studio to one of the biggest fighting game developers and publishers around. President and CEO of Arc System Works, Minoru Kidooka, shared a special message to fans on the Arc System Works 35th Anniversary website. In addition to history about the company and info about the ARC World Tour 2023, the 35th Anniversary site also includes a survey with questions fans can answer to help Arc System Works provide even better games in the future.

Message from CEO Minoru Kidooka
Arc System Works Co., Ltd. (originally established as Arc Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1988 as a video game development company, later going on to expand our business to include other areas such as publishing. Thanks to all of the companies and creators we've had the pleasure of working with, all of our employees, and most of all the players, these 35 years have gone by in a flash.

I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to grow along with all of you each step of the way as games have evolved over time.

Continued support from our fans all over the world is what has brought Arc System Works where we are today.

Especially with the fighting game genre, I feel truly grateful to have been a part of building a community that brings people from all over the world together across the borders of regions and language.

As we approach the end of three years of the pandemic (COVID-19), I hope to continue moving forward with the fans even more closely than before.

As the gaming environment continues to develop at a rapid pace, I look to exceed the expectations of the players now more than ever.
I want to create games that will amaze and excite them.

Moreover, I'd like to explore other genres in addition to fighting games, to really show off everything we've cultivated so far.

I'll put everything I have into continuing our "revolution" going forward. Thank you for your continued support.


In Arc World Tour '23 news, the company recently announced the tournament for Guilty Gear -STRIVE- will have a $100,000 finals prize pool with first place taking home $50K. Below you can watch the most recent trailer for the Arc World Tour 2023, which officially kicks off at Headstomper and Battle Arena Melbourne next month in June.
Stay tuned on Fighters Generation for more fighting game news.

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