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King of Dinosaurs Announced for KOF XV


A day ahead of their usual reveal night, SNK announced returning KOF XIV character, King of Dinosaurs, for KOF XV. The pro-wrestling behemoth (who KOF Art Director Eisuke Ogura insists is not actually Tizoc) makes his second fighting game appearance in The King of Fighters XV. He is voiced by Hikaru Hanada. It's currently unknown where King of Dino's allegiance lies, but it's possible he's teamed up with Ramon again. If that's the case, it's very possible we'll see an Angel reveal trailer in the near future to complete Team Mexico. Watch the official gameplay reveal trailer for King of Dinosaurs and continue scrolling down to check out 7 new HD screenshots!


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 Sources:  SNK (YouTube)SNK Global (Twitter)        Related Tweet: @Fighters_Gen

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