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KOF XV Team Awakened Orochi Gameplay Trailer


Tonight, SNK dropped the official gameplay reveal trailer for The King of Fighters XV's next Team DLC arriving next month, Team Awakened Orochi. The nearly 3-minute-long gameplay trailer shows off Orochi Shermie, Orochi Chris, and Orochi Yashiro in KOF XV action for the first time. Just like in past King of Fighters installments, these variant forms of Shermie, Chris, and Yashiro play and animate entirely differently from their original versions. Each of the team members will also come with "Extra Costumes" when Team Awakened Orochi joins KOF XV on August 8th, 2022 as paid DLC. After watching their gameplay trailer (below), scroll down to check out some official HD screenshots.

To recap some basic KOF lore... in the KOF '97 storyline, Orochi Shermie, Orochi Chris, and Orochi Yashiro worked in the shadows to revive Orochi. The default outfit designs of KOF XV's Team Awakened Orochi are based on one of their ending illustrations from KOF '98. Scroll down to see brand new official screenshots from SNK. [UPDATE] Added 3 new screens showing both costumes for each character along with storyline information.
[UPDATE] Below, you can read the official KOF XV storylines for each member of Team Awakened Orochi as they appear on SNK's official website.

Yashiro revealed his true form as one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Orochi. With the goal of reviving Orochi, he leads Shermie and Chris headfast into battle. Unlike his usual self, his actions and demeanor are much more cruel, and he fights boldly using the power of the earth and his fearsome monstrous strength.


Shermie revealed her true form as one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Orochi. She joins forces with Yashiro and Chris for the purpose of reviving Orochi. She is ruthless and brutal, a far cry from her usual frivolous demeanor. She possesses the power of lightning in her body and can shoot her opponents from a distance.


Chris revealed his true form as one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Orochi. Chris joins forces with Yashiro and Shermie for the purpose of reviving Orochi. With a cruel smile and contempt for humans, Chris openly damns his opponents and burns them mercilessly with purple flames.
Once again, Team Awakened Orochi will be joining KOF XV on August 8th. SNK hasn't yet announced the specific release date for this Team DLC, but we'll keep you updated. Also check out official concept artwork of Team Awakened Orochi revealed at EVO 2022. Stay tuned on Fighters Generation for continued coverage.
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