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The King of Fighters XV Team Awakened Orochi Concept Artwork, DLC Releasing August 8th


During SNK's official panel at EVO 2022, in addition to announcing a Rollback Netcode update coming to Samurai Shodown (2019) in Spring 2023, the King of Fighters XV development team shared some never-before-seen concept illustrations of Team Awakened Orochi and officially announced their release date: August 8th! The fresh KOF XV costumes for Orochi Yashiro, Orochi Shermie, and Orochi Chris take inspiration from one of their classic KOF '98 ending illustrations (seen in the image directly below). Their costumes also share a strong resemblance to the default appearance of KOF '96 boss, Goenitz. Below, take a look at the new concept artwork for Team Awakened Orochi revealed by SNK on Friday.


Once again
, SNK confirmed Team Awakened Orochi will become available on Monday, August 8th, 2022. SNK also mentioned they are working on a crossplay feature for the Xbox versions of KOF XV which is slated to arrive sometime in 2023. Currently, crossplay is only available between the PS5 and PS4 versions. Back in July, SNK released the gameplay reveal trailer for Team Awakened Orochi in addition to a variety of screenshots showing off their extra costumes.

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