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Sony EVO '22 Lounge Live Show, Stream Schedule


EVO 2022 (Aug. 5th-7th) is upon us this weekend and early reports have either claimed or suggested Capcom, Bandai Namco, and other developers will be announcing "major news" regarding upcoming fighting games throughout EVO weekend! Sony will be hosting the PlayStation EVO '22 Tournaments from their EVO Lounge Live Show where they have confirmed "exclusive announcements" during the show and stream which airs Aug. 5th-6th. Once again, EVO itself runs from Aug. 5th-7th, with potential announcements being made before finals day. Below is more info from Sony via PlayStation.Blog about the EVO Lounge Live Show and schedule:

PlayStation Tournaments: Evo Lounge

PlayStation will celebrate the return of Evo with the PlayStation Tournaments: Evo Lounge, a live show dedicated to covering all the competitionís exciting events and content. The show is hosted by players and commentators who live and breathe the FGC. Viewers will be able to stay updated with the latest at Evo and watch exclusive content that wonít be available elsewhere.   

The Evo Lounge will feature top-shelf curated show coverage, bracket updates, interviews with players, and exciting content and reveals from developers and publishers, such as Arc System Works,  Warner Bros. Games, Capcom, SNK, and Bandai Namco Entertainment, as well as all the latest from the scene with pro players and casters.  Viewers will be treated to the latest news for our favorite games and a few sneak peeks of whatís ahead. Itís every spectatorís source for Evo and FGC intel. You can tune into the show on YouTube and Twitch on August 5 and 6, streaming live from Las Vegas.

Explore Everything Evo 2022 Has to Offer With PlayStation

Get ready for the ultimate FGC championship and follow along as we provide updates and content from the floor. Stream the PlayStation Tournaments: Evo Lounge on Twitch.tv/PlayStation and YouTube.com/PlayStation.

IGN also reported on EVO '22 featuring announcements and reveals from developers such as Capcom, Bandai Namco, Arc System Works, SNK, and Warner Bros. However, Ed Boon curiously replied with a tweet claiming that EVO '22 news will not include Mortal Kombat

But wait a sec... is this some kind of hint that some other new fighting game by NetherRealm Studios will be announced during EVO? The Mortal Kombat co-creator is well known for trolling on Twitter just before NRS announcements are made...

Curiously, IGN has since deleted their tweet confirming "Mortal Kombat news" will be announced at EVO '22. (However, they could be in on it too.) We don't know what to expect yet, but there's definitely a chance Ed Boon might actually announce something like Injustice 3 (or even a new fighting game series) during EVO. But whatever it is, it's not Mortal Kombat... apparently.

Below is a handy link with everything you need to know about the full EVO 2022 stream and live event schedule ó conveniently put together by SuperCombo.gg. The schedule also contains a list of all time zones and stream channels so you'll know exactly when you can tune in live. This tweet also contains links to other detailed information like brackets and official links.

As reported earlier, Capcom has announced Street Fighter 6 will be playable at EVO '22. SNK will also have their own booth featuring a playable build of KOF XV's next DLC Team, Team Awakened Orochi. Arc System Works Daisuke Ishiwatari will also appear during EVO '22 to talk about the future of the Guilty Gear series and likely reveal something related to Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Season 2. More information and tickets to the Sunday arena finals are currently available on the official EVO website.

Nothing better than EVO announcements in my birth month. Hey, it's my birthday today and I'm ready to party all week long! Bring on the big news this weekend... Stay tuned on Fighters Generation for upcoming EVO '22 news and announcements!
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