Thursday, September 10th, 2021

The King of Fighters XV Kyo, Iori & Chizuru "Team Sacred Treasures" Storyline Revealed


On Twitter and SNK's official website for The King of Fighters XV, the company shared plot details for one of the game's most influential teams to KOF15's storyline Team "Sacred Treasures," consisting of Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, and Chizuru Kagura. Seeing eternal rivals Kyo and Iori team-up in KOF15 was definitely unexpected, so SNK has some splainin' to do... If you're interested in reading up on some critical KOF15 lore, the official storyline of Team Sacred Treasures is now live over at SNK's official site. The link can also be found in SNK's tweet, below.

In related news, SNK also shared concept artwork and commentary for the recently revealed Ash Crimson at Gamescom '21. In the past, SNK has been mostly vague in their descriptions regarding updates to returning characters. In this case, however, SNK's Tomohiro Nakata had quite a lot to say about Ash's upcoming return to the series in KOF15


A clean version of this illustration can be found inside TFG's concept artwork gallery for The King of Fighters XV; alongside all previously-released character concept art!

It's currently unknown when SNK will release their next KOF15 character reveal or gameplay trailer. As always, please stay tuned on The Fighters Generation for upcoming KOF15 news, content & announcements!
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