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New Street Fighter 6 Tidbits via Game Informer


Game Informer posted an exclusive Street Fighter 6 article today revealing several new tidbits of information and visuals for Capcom's upcoming 2D fighting game. A brand new Ken Masters artwork (below), illustrated by designer Goro Tokuda, will serve as Game Informer's issue 351 cover art. GI's article also unveiled a new screenshot showing Ken's "classic" costume in Street Fighter 6. Furthermore, the GI article offers an exclusive first look at the "Dynamic Controls" option a local-only feature that aims to help "button mashers" excel. (Yes, you read that correctly.) Game Informer shared two videos providing new details on Street Fighter 6's Dynamic Control Type with SF6's game director and producer.




From Game Informer: "As part of this month's cover story, we're excited to show off an exclusive look at the third, offline-only control scheme coming to SF6 Dynamic Control Type."
The name behind Dynamic Controls refers to how the computer A.I. decides which attack to perform as players hit buttons, based on their current position and situation. For example, if a player's character is far away from the opponent, pressing the face button might throw a projectile. On the flipside, that same button could activate a combo when a character is up-close. It's worth noting that basic character movement and Parrying are still manual inputs for players who choose the Dynamic Control Type.
In the video below, Street Fighter 6 director Takayuki Nakayama and producer Shuhei Matsumoto sat down with Game Informer to demonstrate Dynamic Controls.

Nakayama-san had this to say regarding Dynamic Controls. "In a normal fighting game, when they (mash buttons), they just do a lot of whiffs. We wanted something important and something that makes a difference happen by randomly pressing buttons."
It's worth noting that the Dynamic Control Type is different from Street Fighter 6's "Modern Controls" option
naturally dubbed by experienced fighting game players as an "easy mode" which simplifies a player's options by narrowing down commands to fewer buttons and inputs while maximizing effectiveness. Capcom mentioned their goal was to balance Modern and Classic Controls so that both can be competitive in matches. While Modern and Classic Controls are available across all game modes, Dynamic Controls are only available locally and won't be selectable online.
Finally, Game Informer's Street Fighter 6 cover reveal trailer (above) briefly shows new gameplay footage of Chun-Li and Ryu in their classic costumes which were first revealed back in July. The video also outlines GI's recent trip to Japan to try out SF6 with Capcom. You can read the article in its entirety over at GameInformer. Also check out some additional screens of Ken and Ryu's classic costumes, below. 
[UPDATE] On Wednesday, Game Informer shared several new details on Ken Masters' storyline as well as official artwork in the new article, in addition to showing off new screenshots of his classic costume. Check it out for more!
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