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Street Fighter 6 Ken Masters Story Preview, Official UDON Comic Announced


Game Informer continued their Street Fighter 6 coverage today, offering a new look at Ken Masters' official storyline and in-game story artwork. Street Fighter 6 game director Takayuki Nakayama and art director Kaname Fujioka sat down with Game Informer to talk about what's going on in Ken's life during the events of Street Fighter 6. Additionally, UDON Entertainment announced an official Street Fighter 6 comic is in the works, which will be closely tied to the storyline of the main game. Have a scroll down to see the first look at Ken's Arcade mode story artwork along with a preview of UDON's comic.




Takayuki Nakayama shared some of the first details on Ken's Street Fighter 6 storyline with Game Informer. "Throughout the series, it seems like Ken's life has become more and more stable, and the team felt like he was losing a reason to fight," said the director. "But this is a way to create that reason for him to step up. We want to create that kind of plotline that explains why Ken is important and gives him that purpose. The story will be tied to those other characters close to him."
As you can see in the official artwork (above), Ken Masters is being blamed or possibly framed for a terrorist bombing prior to the events of Street Fighter 6. This event shattered his reputation and sent him on the run for a crime he didn't commit. In one of the artwork panels, it appears authorities apprehended Ken for an interrogation, with news headlines reading "Questions Surrounding The Champ." After this, Ken pivots to a transient lifestyle to keep a low profile and stay off police radar for a while.

Kaname Fujioka: "You can see Ken wearing his black belt around his arm, so even though he's technically on the run, he's still maintaining his identity by keeping that belt on."

"Throughout the evolution of the series, there's been different kinds of Kens," said Nakayama. "In the Alpha series, he was a little more playful and lighthearted in a way. For 6, we wanted to bring that fiery explosiveness back into it. In comparison, Luke in SF6 might be more cheery and a kind of playful character. We wanted to differentiate from that, so we wanted to go with this more fiery type of personality. And there being the story behind Ken and there being a more serious tone to him, we wanted to express that through the character designs as well.
"For players who start up Street Fighter 6, they can expect that Ken is now on the run from something, and he is not able to see his son Mel for reasons unknown," Nakayama continued. "He's in a tough situation that you'll learn more about in the future."


Early samples of the upcoming SF6 comic series by UDON.

Coinciding with the new story info for Ken in Street Fighter 6... UDON Entertainment announced they will be elaborating Ken's backstory with a special 4-issue comic series. The comic will flesh out the story and set the stage for the major events to come in Street Fighter 6. Luke will also be a prominent character in the comic, in addition to Ken's son, Mel. Additionally, director Takayuki Nakayama told Game Informer that UDON will be working with Capcom to create official storylines and other possible spin-offs as well.

"This is the first time that we're doing this kind of comic book series that's closely tied to the story of the main game," Nakayama told Game Informer. "We're working very closely with our partners at UDON. We're providing the script and the storyline of what to expect before the events of Street Fighter 6.
"They're going to be helping us to create the storylines. Beyond that, they're even working into possible spin-offs as well, and collaborating with the scriptwriters on the team, so there may be more stuff beyond just the initial comic book series." Directly below are some early Street Fighter 6 comic sketches of Ken Masters and Luke, illustrated by Panzer.


Last but not least, Game Informer's article also debuted several new Street Fighter 6 screenshots showing Ken Masters versus Ryu in their "classic" costumes. Check out all 3 of the new screenshots, below.
You can check out Game Informer's full article in its entirety over at In case you missed the other related news that dropped yesterday, Capcom also recently announced a Dynamic Controls option for Street Fighter 6, which is further explained in the previous article (link below).

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