POSTED:   Thursday, December 22nd, 2022


New Street Fighter Pocky Artwork by Shinkiro


Capcom director Takayuki Nakayama recently shared some brand new Street Fighter Pocky promotional artwork on social media featuring several well-known Street Fighter veterans. The new 2022 Street Fighter Pocky character illustrations are by a legendary fighting game artist that most FG fans will immediately recognize... Toshiaki Mori A.K.A. Shinkiro! Two years ago in December 2020 (almost to the day), Capcom revealed promo art by Tamio to promote upcoming Pocky products. The first Shinkiro artwork featuring Ryu and Chun-Li (directly below) appears to take inspiration from Tamio's original 2020 illustration, with the characters appearing in similar poses (sharing Pocky, of course).


The image (directly above) appears to contain all of Shinkiro's 2022 Street Fighter character artwork for the latest Pocky promotion. These new character illustrations and "Pocky K.O." promotional events also appeared at recent Japanese expos and live events. The Street Fighter Pocky collaboration was first revealed back in Winter 2019, with Street Fighter characters appearing on several box designs for the popular Japanese chocolate snack by Ezaki Glico.
[UPDATE] Added 2 new illustrations (Sagat & E. Honda and Dhalsim & Zangief), completing this set by Shinkiro. Thanks once again to Takayuki Nakayama (@TakaNakayama) for sharing these amazing illustrations via Twitter. Please stay tuned on Fighters Generation for continued coverage.
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