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Capcom Vs. Osamu Tezuka "Tokyo Edition" Features New Illustrations by Various Artists


Exactly one year ago in October 2020, a historic crossover event between Capcom and Osamu Tezuka took form in the way of an exclusive art exhibit held in Takarazuka City, Hyogo, Japan at the famed Tezuka Osamu Manga Museum. The exhibit has returned this month, now being held in Tokyo at PARCO FACTORY inside the PARCO Center in Ikebukuro (from Oct. 1st - 18th). There's still no announcement of any plans for a Capcom Vs. Osamu Tezuka fighting game (unfortunately), but the event has introduced some amazing collaboration artwork to the world. The updated "Tokyo edition" of the exhibit now includes the word "Dash" at the end of its name and logo, a clever homage to Capcom's long-running Street Fighter II series.

Some new photos recently taken by visitors show off brand new Capcom Vs. Osamu Tezuka crossover sketches by iconic fighting game artists including Bengus, Shinkiro, Kinu Nishimura, Tamio, and several others. An "artist wall" at the event showcases framed sketches of various Capcom and Osamu Tezuka characters featured together (seen below).

The updated exhibit at the Tokyo venue now includes a dedicated Devil May Cry corner with new artwork on display, as well as an Ace Attorney corner to celebrate the series' 20th anniversary. Also new is this collaboration piece by Tsunogai (seen below), which was cleverly done in the same style as Bengus's Marvel Vs. Capcom-inspired key illustration created for the event.


Capcom Vs. Osamu Tezuka
Key Artwork by Bengus

Here's another look at some official character art from the event.


Nearly 100 commemorative items are currently on sale for attendees of the event. An official Capcom Vs. Osamu Tezuka artbook released back in April 2021 for 2,750 Yen (about $26.50 USD) and can currently be purchased on and other retailers. Also check out TFG's previous articles below for more info on the Capcom Vs. Osamu Tezuka crossover as well as official character illustrations from the event.
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