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Capcom Vs. Osamu Tezuka 2023 Event Brings New Promotional Artwork


Back in October 2020, a historic crossover event between Capcom and Osamu Tezuka took form in the way of an exclusive art exhibit held in Takarazuka City, Hyogo, Japan at the famed Tezuka Osamu Manga Museum. The exhibit is set to return once again this year at Osamu Tezuka Memorial Museum from June 30th through October 29th, 2023. Additionally, a brand new promotional illustration was released on social media to promote the event, featuring a wide variety of characters from both companies. The official press release confirms Street Fighter 6 characters will be featured at the new event.

Unfortunately, there's still no confirmation of a Capcom Vs. Osamu Tezuka fighting game, but the event has introduced some amazing and entertaining collaboration artwork to the world.
Here's a quick look back at some amazing "crossover artwork" from the original Capcom Vs. Osamu Tezuka event, featuring a wall of charming sketches by fighting game artists including Bengus, Shinkiro, Kinu Nishimura, Tamio, and several others.


(Above) An "artist wall" at the event showcases framed sketches of various Capcom and Osamu Tezuka characters featured together. Also take another look at the cool collaboration piece by Tsunogai (below), which was cleverly done in the same style as Bengus's own Marvel Vs. Capcom-inspired key illustration created for the event.


Capcom Vs. Osamu Tezuka
Key Artwork by Bengus

At previous exhibitions, over 100 commemorative items were put on sale for attendees. An official Capcom Vs. Osamu Tezuka artbook released back in April 2021 for 2,750 Yen (about $26.50 USD) and can be purchased on and other retailers. Also see our previous articles below for prior news about the Capcom Vs. Osamu Tezuka crossover and more official artwork.
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