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Street Fighter 6 Chipotle Collaboration


On Wednesday, Capcom announced an upcoming Street Fighter 6 collaboration with American fast food chain Chipotle Mexican Grill. To kick off the announcement, a new illustration by Tamio featuring Kimberly and Luke enjoying some burritos together was released on social media. See Capcom's official tweet announcing the Street Fighter 6 Chipotle collaboration below and read on for full details on how Street Fighter 6 players can score Fighter Coins (SF6 in-game currency) by placing digital Chipotle orders starting June 2nd.

A closer look at Tamio's Street Fighter 6 Chipotle artwork.

Chipotle was announced as an official launch partner of Street Fighter 6 and will be hosting a Challenger Series on June 17th for Street Fighter 6, with winners receiving a trip to EVO 2023. Chipotle will even be the presenting sponsor of EVO '23 and is also a sponsor of this weekend's COMBO BREAKER (May 26th-28th).
Starting June 2nd, Street Fighter 6 players can earn Fighter Coins (the in-game premium currency in SF6) by placing digital Chipotle orders using the official app and for a limited time, as well as the Chipotle Rewards Exchange.
For each order using the promo code: HDKN236, players receive a code for 250 Fighter Coins (used to purchase Characters, Character Outfits, Alternate Colors, Stages, Stamps, Avatar Emotes / Gear) in the game. Additionally, Chipotle Rewards members can redeem 250 points in the Chipotle Rewards Exchange to receive a bonus code for 250 Fighter Coins. You can hear more about the offer on the official page:


Finally, Chipotle will also be offering Street Fighter 6 players access to exclusive rewards on Twitch. Starting June 2nd at 9:00 am (PT), viewers who watch 60 minutes of a participating channel broadcasting Street Fighter 6 can score the following rewards with provided codes (while supplies last).
Chipotle Free Item:
Chipotle is offering Up to 500,000 codes for Free Chips & Guacamole for Twitch viewers in the United States and Canada. Viewers can redeem the unique promo code in the Chipotle app or online at when ordering. The code is for digital orders only, and not for in-restaurant use.
Street Fighter x Twitch Collection Promo Code:
Twitch is offering up to 500,000 discount codes for 30% off on items in the official Street Fighter x Twitch Collection on Amazon.
You can learn more about the Twitch offer on their official blog post. Stay tuned on Fighters Generation for updates and more Street Fighter 6 news.
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