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Tamio is a character designer and illustrator who has worked on several Capcom games over the last decade, including Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, Darkstalkers Resurrection, Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite, and most recently Street Fighter V: Champion Edition. Tamio's illustrations were featured in the Capcom x UNIQLO t-shirt collaboration and the recent Street Fighter x Pocky collab. To celebrate 2021, Tamio created gorgeous new character artw for SFV:CE's boss characters.


Mick McGinty

Mick McGinty started as a freelance artist in 1983. He began working on the North American cover art for the Street Fighter II series by chance. During the release of Street Fighter II: World Warrior, Capcom USA's marketing department decided to follow gaming trends by "Americanizing" SF2's art style. After being given some Polaroid photos of SF2 from his client Denny Moore, Mick began creating the iconic box artwork for the SNES and Genesis versions of Street Fighter II. Mick also did illustrations for Streets of Rage II and III, Kid Chameleon, and Shining Force.

streetfighter2-special-champion-edition-cover-art-sega-genesis-by-mick-mcginty.jpg (205597 bytes)            super-street-fighter2-promotional-artwork-by-mick-mcginty.jpg (105977 bytes)            blanka-stand-sf2-by-mick-mcginty.jpg (16587 bytes)            mick-mcginty-guile-handcuffs-ken.jpg (147058 bytes)
sf2-bison-capcom-style-guide.jpg (377346 bytes)            sf2-guile-capcom-style-guide.jpg (362349 bytes)            sf2-chunli-capcom-style-guide.jpg (335986 bytes)            sf2-ken-capcom-style-guide.jpg (348264 bytes)

In Mick's words, "I wasn't a real realistic painter, but I could do this exaggerated realism. I could kind of give an American slant to the characters and the things they were trying to accomplish with that game. Because I think the first thing that they realized was that they weren't going to be able to sell these games very well if they had the original Japanese art which at the time, I didn't like. Anything I saw, it was just too foreign to me at the time. But now, 20 or 30 years later, I really love their work. It's just nice, edgy, colorful, action-filled it's just cool stuff. And I think the American buying public, they don't have a problem with it now."  McGinty is perhaps best known for drawing the magnificent box art for SF2: World Warrior, SF2: Special Champion Edition, and SF2: Turbo. There's no doubt that every Street Fighter II fan of the 90's can immediately recognize Mick's memorable Street Fighter II cover artwork. Sadly, Mick passed away in September of 2021 from cancer. Rest in power, legend!


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