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Daisuke Ishiwatari
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Daisuke Ishiwatari is the multi-talented creator of the long-running 2D fighting game series, Guilty Gear. He designed the characters, wrote the storyline, drew much of the artwork, and even composed the music! He also did voice acting for Sol Badguy and Holy Order Sol in several games. Ishiwatari previously worked as a designer for SNK, working only on one game: The Last Blade. Daisuke Ishiwatari is noted as being a "highly skilled" composer in the metal and rock genres. His compositions in his signature Guilty Gear contain very intricate guitar work.


Takuji Kawano
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groh-soulcalibur6-character-art.jpg (1512512 bytes)          2b-and-ivy-soulcalibur6-artwork-by-takuji-kawano.jpg (787219 bytes)          taki-soulcalibur6-artwork-by-takuji-kawano.jpg (2362570 bytes)         
Takuji Kawano is Namco's premier 2D artist. He was a character designer for TEKKEN 3, TEKKEN 4, TEKKEN Tag Tournament, and Urban Reign. Kawano-san created the vibrant character artwork in Namco X Capcom, SoulCalibur 2, SoulCalibur 3, SoulCalibur 4, SoulCalibur 5, and Soul Calibur 6. Kawano has a natural sense for proportions and shows great versatility in his character anatomy, as he's able to portray beautifully soft (yet strong) females and masculine male characters. The finer details of his illustrations such as clothing, armor, and "movement" make his dynamic art style truly one-of-a-kind.
                                        2b-nier-soulcalibur6-artwork-by-takuji-kawano.jpg (143835 bytes)
          digdug.jpg (502276 bytes)                    ko-mos.jpg (228181 bytes)          gantz.jpg (508255 bytes)
shun-ying-lee-urban-reign-artwork-by-takuji-kawano.jpg (41392 bytes)                              siegfried-sc5.png (862732 bytes)          patroklos-sc5.png (1045041 bytes)
Through his artwork, Kawano has redefined and brilliantly captured the personality of all of Namco's most famous fighting game characters, as well as a handful Capcom characters and other popular video game icons. I'm convinced he can draw pretty much any character and make them look spectacular. For Namco X Capcom, Kawano even made the original Dug Dug (1982) hero look like a total badass!

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