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Jbstyle is a Japanese freelance artist hired by Bandai Namco in 2015. Jbstyle created a series of character artwork for TEKKEN 7's console launch, adding new illustrations as new characters were released in Seasons 2, 3, and 4. Jbstyle's use of vibrant colors, background objects, bold text, and subtle details make his art style truly stand out. Jbstyle also drew the main cover illustration for TEKKEN 7's soundtrack. Jbstyle has done work for RUDIE's, RIZIN, B-SIDE LABEL, and created t-shirts, posters & stickers for events. Jbstyle has also hosted several of his own art exhibitions in Japan.

  Social Media Links:   Twitter: @jbstyle222Instagram: @jbstyleYouTube: Illustrator Jbstyle
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akuma-tekken7-by-jbstyle-white.jpg (407944 bytes)          deviljin-tekken7-by-jbstyle.jpg (70842 bytes)          leroy-tekken7-artwork-by-jbstyle.jpg (192880 bytes)          anna-williams-tekken7-artwork-by-jbstyle.jpg (499574 bytes)          tekken7-alisa-xiaoyu-dark-secret-by-jbstyle.jpg (556731 bytes)
lei-wulong-tekken7-artwork-by-jbstyle.jpg (703943 bytes)          armorking-tekken7-artwork-by-jbstyle.jpg (233475 bytes)          marduk-tekken7-artwork-by-jbstyle.jpg (171622 bytes)          julia-chang-tekken7-artwork-by-jbstyle.jpg (242883 bytes)          jbstyle-tekken7-kazuya-heihachi-artwork.jpg (399920 bytes)
In 2020-2022, Jbstyle drew character illustrations for the Capcom x B-SIDE LABEL collaboration which appear on stickers and other official merchandise. In 2023, his Street Fighter 6 characters illustrations (above) featured on the third round of Capcom x B-SIDE LABEL stickers.

tekken7-yoshimitsu-kazumi-asuka-artwork-by-jbstyle-thumb.png (644142 bytes)          asuka-kazama-artwork-by-jbstyle-tekken7.jpg (421400 bytes)          lili-tekken7-speed-star-by-jbstyle.jpg (277114 bytes)          tekken7-katarina-josie-hwoarang-artwork-by-jbstyle.jpg (465978 bytes)          jbstyle-tekken7-round2-anna-ling-lili-artwork.PNG (608807 bytes)
jbstyle-devil-girl.jpg (102672 bytes)
          jbstyle-joker-girl.jpg (93533 bytes)          jbstyle-solo-exhibition2016.jpg (78222 bytes)          eliza-tekken7-by-jbstyle.jpg (292572 bytes)          jbstyle-black-and-white-art.jpg (163155 bytes)


Yoshihara Motoki
Motoki Yoshihara is a Japanese illustrator who is known for creating beautiful artwork to promote major fighting game tournaments in Japan. His "sketchy" sharp art style is immediately recognizable. The way he portrays each character, along with their poses, outfits & emotions, makes it clear that he's been a fan of fighting games for a very long time (and knows how each character should look). Yoshihara's character illustrations for various Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike tournaments are particularly amazing and have become very popular worldwide!

chunli-street-fighter-alpha-by-motoki-yoshihara.jpg (174597 bytes)          charlie-nash-sfv-art-my-motoki-yoshihara.jpg (716959 bytes)          vanessa-kof-by-motoki-yoshihara.jpg (140720 bytes)          gambit-xmen-art-by-motoki-yoshihara.jpg (184226 bytes)          ryu-vs-sagat-by-yoshihara-game.jpg (694969 bytes)
alex-streetfighter-cooperationcup2019-artwork-by-yoshihara-motoki.jpg (1623766 bytes)
          alex-streetfighter-cooperationcup2019-artwork-by-yoshihara-motoki2.jpg (1468841 bytes)          alex-streetfighter-cooperationcup2019-artwork-by-yoshihara-motoki3.jpg (1532653 bytes)          alex-streetfighter-cooperationcup2019-artwork-by-yoshihara-motoki4.jpg (1524638 bytes)          cooperation-cup-2019-artwork-by-yoshihara-motoki.jpg (1218315 bytes)
akatsuki-artwork-by-motoki-yoshihara.jpg (1828853 bytes)          motoki-yoshihara-sf2-the-new-challengers-artwork.jpg (1410314 bytes)          iori-yagami-by-motoki-yoshihara.jpg (744073 bytes)          demitri-darkstalkers-by-motoki-yoshihara.jpg (658118 bytes)          hwoarang-tekken7-by-motoki-yoshihara.jpg (636312 bytes)

 Social Media Links:   Twitter: #1 @YoshiharaMotokiTwitter #2: @Yoshihara_Game


yoshihara-motoki-artwork3.jpg (395796 bytes)
          yoshihara-motoki-artwork4.jpg (434463 bytes)          yoshihara-motoki-artwork5.jpg (347705 bytes)          yoshihara-motoki-tekken-artwork.jpg (836828 bytes)          hugo-and-poison-artwork-by-motoki-yoshihara.jpg (1382315 bytes)


(ABOVE) Many of Yoshihara's illustrations feature characters from a variety of different fighting games hangin' out at the arcade, and often playing against one another!

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