Thursday, October 6th, 2022

Street Fighter 6 Challenge Screen Customization


Ahead of the upcoming Street Fighter 6 closed online beta taking place this weekend, Capcom revealed a new in-game feature which enables players to customize the challenge screen with unique character portraits, artwork, and background effects to spruce up their online appearance and experience. Among these are charming "retro" SF2-inspired character portraits, as well as some of the gorgeous character illustrations we saw earlier last month from the Battle Hub intro. Below, watch Capcom's official trailer for the new feature via Twitter for an early preview of what SF6's challenge screen customization feature has to offer!

For a closer look... tap the screengrab (below) from Capcom's reveal trailer showing a sampling of the charming character art and various background options that will be available!


To state the obvious... the artwork looks AMAZING! Capcom continues to show great promise with fan service and great attention to detail for both single-player and online aspects of Street Fighter 6. Similar to TEKKEN 7's online mode, players will be able to add a touch of their personality and player expression through the use of these nifty customization options all while beautifying their Street Fighter 6 online experience. Stay tuned on Fighters Generation for more news and updates!

~Frank Joseph, | @Fighters_Gen


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