Tuesday, February 28th, 2023

TEKKEN 8 Jin Kazama Gameplay Trailer


This morning, Bandai Namco revealed the third individual character trailer for TEKKEN 8, this time starring Jin Kazama! Jin's TEKKEN 8 gameplay reveal trailer unveils many new moves and animations for the returning character which we haven't seen before in previous trailers. In traditional series fashion, several of Jin's familiar attacks have been retooled with new properties and follow-ups. We also get a first look at Jin's brand new intro and win animations, along with several of his Heat System techniques. Without further ado, watch Jin Kazama's official TEKKEN 8 gameplay trailer from Bandai Namco, below.

FUN FACT: The announcer featured in TEKKEN 8's character reveal trailers is Lenne Hardt, an American female ring announcer who has worked major fighting and martial arts events over the years including PRIDE Fighting Championships, Dream, One Championship, Glory World Series, and Rizin Fighting Federation.  Lenne Hardt was also the voice of Anna Williams in TEKKEN 5.



Exactly one week ago, Bandai Namco shared Kazuya Mishima's full TEKKEN 8 gameplay reveal trailer (article link below). Keep it here on The Fighters Generation for updates and continued TEKKEN 8 coverage.
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