Thursday, April 28th, 2022 

New Triple K.O. Podcast featuring Justin Wong, Maximilian Dood, and Matt McMuscles


Three of the most popular and influential fighting game content creators out there recently collaborated to launch a new podcast series called "Triple K.O." Of course, we're talking about multi-time fighting game world champion Justin Wong, YouTube and Twitch sensation Maximilian Dood, and fighting game historian Matt McMuscles. Debuting in early March 2022, the trio's podcast is already off to a great start with 29K+ YouTube followers. Over the past month, the podcasters have covered various topics together, such as: Free-to-play fighting games, guest characters, and classic franchises that should return.

The latest episode focuses on obscure and lesser-known fighting games, commonly dubbed "poverty fighters" by some in the FGC. In this podcast, the three gentlemen recall some of their favorite memories related to obscure fighting games. Many of these oddball fighting games do appear in TFG's Games section, while certain obscure titles have yet to receive respective TFG profiles and reviews (but certainly might, someday in the near future).

Anyhow, at about 1:22:30 in the video (below), Matt McMuscles reminisces on an old fighting game website he used to host on the early Angelfire platform back in '97. Comparing it to his old school site, Matt then gave a cool (and appreciated) mention during the podcast. Max chimed in with some of his own kind words to say about the website at approximately 1:23:00.

In the recent past, some of my readers have actually informed me about specific times Maximilian Dood has mentioned The Fighters Generation website during his streams. As Max said in the podcast, he has frequently visited the website since the early 2000s when it first began (like many of you reading, probably). For me, it's a pretty cool thing to hear, especially coming from arguably the most popular fighting game content creator around.

"To throw out a small nod here, I think Fighters Generation is a wonderful history book of fighting games that everybody should check out."

~Maximilian Dood

Hey... we really appreciate the nod and the kind words, Maximilian!

While The Fighters Generation website has amassed a plethora of new content in recent years, as the trio humorously mentioned, it's true TFG's general design hasn't changed a whole lot over the decades. And, it definitely still has an "early internet" nostalgic vibe that old school visitors and fighting game fans still seem to love.

Be sure to check out the
Triple K.O. podcast on YouTube for more great episodes. Also check out and subscribe to the individual YouTube channels for Justin Wong, Matt McMuscles, and Maximilian Dood for even more awesome content. Once again, I appreciate the mention and support, guys!
~TFG Webmaster, Frank Joseph | @Fighters_Gen


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