Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

Fighting EX Layer Jack and Blair Trailers Released, Silhouettes Hint Remaining Characters


Following yesterday's announcement of Shadowgeist, Arika just released the Fighting EX Layer gameplay trailer for Jack and Blair Dame. In a single trailer, both Blair and Jack are shown in action on some new stages. Along with demonstrating some combos and super moves for each character, the end of the trailer appears to tease a new Gougi ability.

Additionally, Arika's new version of the Shadowgeist trailer shows 2 character silhouettes, teasing the final 2 characters for the game. Check out the still below.

If you ask me, that looks like Nanase and Vulcano Rosso (from left to right). Although, the second one could possibly be Area. Vulcano Rosso was mentioned in Jack's Fighting EX Layer storyline, so there's a good chance he's in the game.

In case you missed the news yesterday, here's a look at the most recent version of the Fighting EX Layer character selection screen. There will be 2 more character reveals before the game's release date this June.

Also check out Shadowgeist's official trailer below.

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Source:  Arika (Youtube)
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