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Tira Revealed for Soul Calibur VI Along With Libra of Soul "2nd Story Mode" and Character Creation


Bandai Namco dropped two exciting Soul Calibur VI trailers at Gamescom '18. First up is Tira's reveal trailer, which confirms her as a DLC character (a free bonus character for Season Pass owners). The second trailer introduces Soul Calibur 6's Libra of Soul mode, which is described as a "second story mode" featuring your created character of choice. Also check out the first footage and screenshots of Soul Calibur 6's Create-a-Character mode!




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Character Bio:  Tira, the Bird of Death, is announced as a bonus character for those that purchase the Season Pass. Tira will also be sold as a stand-alone DLC.

Tira, an expert wielder of her Ring Blade named Eiserne Drossel, fights using her own Dance of Death style. Trained by the mysterious Birds of Passage group of assassins, Tira abandoned the group after its leader went mad. Alone and angry, Tira, travels across the world, slaughtering any that get in her way taking great pleasure in the trail of blood in her wake.

Tira returns to the stage of history with her iconic Ring Blade. Her SC6 fighting style will retain her two "moods": Jolly and Gloomy - which alter her attacks and abilities.




Libra Of Soul is the second story mode in Soul Calibur VI, joining the already-revealed Chronicle of Souls mode. In this game mode, players will be able to create their own custom fighter from scratch before roaming the world in a quest to stop a new evil mastermind at work to gather Soul Edge shards. Along the way, players will come up against both characters from across the main storyline, and warriors created by the community, fighting in a variety of rule-specific showdowns which shape their own path.

Players will be able to customize their unique characters through thousands of different combinations, choosing from 16 races, including human, lizard or even living skeleton, before customizing the size, facial features, hairstyle, clothes, armor and, of course. weapons and fighting style!



soulcalibur6-libraofsoul-screenshot.png (3428401 bytes)      soulcalibur6-libraofsoul-screenshot4.png (5280295 bytes)      soulcalibur6-libraofsoul-screenshot5.png (5335872 bytes)
      soulcalibur6-libraofsoul-screenshot6.png (3441196 bytes)

soulcalibur6-libraofsoul-screenshot7.png (3641832 bytes)      soulcalibur6-libraofsoul-screenshot8.png (4481647 bytes)      soulcalibur6-libraofsoul-screenshot9.png (3404164 bytes)
      soulcalibur6-libraofsoul-screenshot11.png (3596082 bytes)

soulcalibur6-libraofsoul-screenshot12.png (4336582 bytes)      soulcalibur6-libraofsoul-screenshot13.png (3454090 bytes)      soulcalibur6-libraofsoul-screenshot14.png (3488586 bytes)      soulcalibur6-libraofsoul-screenshot15.png (3145365 bytes)


soulcalibur6-character-creation-screenshot.png (3436476 bytes)     soulcalibur6-character-creation-screenshot2.png (3713195 bytes)     soulcalibur6-character-creation-screenshot3.png (3848478 bytes)     soulcalibur6-character-creation-screenshot4.png (3310583 bytes)     soulcalibur6-character-creation-screenshot5.png (3625530 bytes)
soulcalibur6-character-creation-screenshot6.png (3440675 bytes)     soulcalibur6-character-creation-screenshot7.png (3857098 bytes)     soulcalibur6-character-creation-screenshot8.png (3184768 bytes)     soulcalibur6-character-creation-screenshot9.png (3358440 bytes)     soulcalibur6-character-creation-screenshot10.png (2948052 bytes)
soulcalibur6-character-creation-screenshot11.png (3192451 bytes)     soulcalibur6-character-creation-screenshot12.png (3703720 bytes)     soulcalibur6-character-creation-screenshot13.png (3102676 bytes)     soulcalibur6-character-creation-screenshot14.png (2705717 bytes)     soulcalibur6-character-creation-screenshot15.png (3564346 bytes)
soulcalibur6-character-creation-screenshot16.png (3064505 bytes)     soulcalibur6-character-creation-screenshot18.png (3608255 bytes)     soulcalibur6-character-creation-screenshot19.png (3423004 bytes)     soulcalibur6-character-creation-screenshot20.png (3034468 bytes)
soulcalibur6-character-creation-screenshot21.png (2899460 bytes)     soulcalibur6-character-creation-screenshot22.png (3588003 bytes)     soulcalibur6-character-creation-screenshot24.png (3387475 bytes)     soulcalibur6-character-creation-screenshot25.png (2877980 bytes)
soulcalibur6-character-creation-screenshot26.png (3087000 bytes)     soulcalibur6-character-creation-screenshot27.png (3465709 bytes)     soulcalibur6-character-creation-screenshot28.png (3559862 bytes)     soulcalibur6-character-creation-screenshot29.png (3065550 bytes)
soulcalibur6-character-creation-screenshot30.png (3282378 bytes)     soulcalibur6-character-creation-screenshot31.png (3306310 bytes)     soulcalibur6-character-creation-screenshot32.png (3299490 bytes)     soulcalibur6-character-creation-screenshot33.png (3914195 bytes)

[UPDATE] The mysterious magician who appears in the Libra of Soul trailer is known as Azwel. Check out his reveal trailer here.

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