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A kunoichi, Ibuki  lives in a village composed entirely of Shinobi. She has been trained from childhood, but resents her lot in life. The other ninja in Ibuki's clan include Sanjou, Enjou, Genda, Raion, and Homura Yuuta. Ibuki also has a pet tanuki named Don, and her best friend and sparring partner is Sarai Kurosawa. In Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, Ibuki shares a special pre-fight intro with Makoto, showing that the two consider each other as special rivals of sorts.

She is sent by her clan to procure documents from Gill's organization. These documents concern the "G-File" project, which was responsible for creating Necro and Twelve. In Ibuki's ending, Gill voluntarily gives Ibuki the documents, though the project is already under way by that point.

In SFIII: 3rd Strike, Ibuki tracks down Oro in order to fight him for her ninja graduation exam. She fights well enough to pass, and moves on to go to a university. While there, attracted to a handsome classmate, she joins a club which, to her dismay, turns out to be based on ninja training.
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Street Fighter III: New Generation

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Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition, Street Fighter: Anniversary Collection, Super Street Fighter 4, Super Street Fighter 4: 3D Edition, Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition, Ultra Street Fighter 4, Street Fighter V, SFV: Arcade Edition, SFV: Champion Edition, Pocket Fighter, Card Fighters Clash, Card Fighters Clash 2, Card Fighters Clash DS, Street Fighter X Tekken

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Page Updated:  Feb. 3rd, 2023

Following the Street Fighter (1) in 1987, the series was lacking a traditional ninja fighter for many years. Inspired by the likes of Geki, Ibuki debuted in SF3 and filled the void with finesse and tons of style. Thanks to Capcom's amazing 2D animators, Ibuki debuted with an amazingly fluid, Ninjitsu-based fighting style - swiftly defining the new direction and aura of the SFIII series. She's an original and likeable fighting game character in more ways than one. Her moveset is so well-designed... and yeah, Ibuki is pretty damn cute, too. She's easily my personal favorite fighting game ninja girl. I also especially love her in-game soundtracks and stages from the SFIII series (all 3 of them).

It was awesome to see Ibuki return in Super SF4... she's easily one of the best-looking characters in SF4, by far. I was also surprised and glad to see her return in SF X Tekken and SFV. I'm glad Capcom didn't forget about her! If you ask me, Ibuki is pretty much a staple of the Street Fighter series now.

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