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Maxima grew up a street kid in Canada, who learned fighting the hard way. He then became a soldier who led normal life until he found out that his comrade-in-arms Rocky was killed in an incident involving NESTS. So he sought for revenge against NESTS. To avenge Rocky he decided to sacrifice his previous life, had his face and name changed and his "ordinary" life destroyed.

He was approached by Nests and offered greater power in return for working for them. He was then equipped with a battle armor and put together with K'. Both being loners, they did find friendship. Teaming up with Benimaru Nikaido and Shingo Yabuki, they decided to escape from NESTS. Since then they have been fugitives, hunted by both NESTS and the Ikari Warriors. He is rumored to be Goro Daimon's student.

His comrade cyborg, named Rocky, is from the classic SNK game "Robo Army." There is also a character in Robo Army named "Maxima," but is unclear whether it is the same Maxima.
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The King of Fighters '99

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The King of Fighters 2000, The King of Fighters 2001, The King of Fighters 2002, KOF 2002: Unlimited Match, The King of Fighters 2003, The King of Fighters XI, The King of Fighters XIII, The King of Fighters XIV, The King of Fighters XV, KOF: Maximum Impact, KOF: Maximum Impact 2, KOF: Maximum Impact Regulation A, The King of Fighters: Neowave, Card Fighters Clash, Card Fighters Clash 2, Card Fighters Clash DS

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Page Updated:  June 8th, 2024

Maxima's design is inspired from Robo Army, which explains his "futuristic" look and pays homage to the classic SNK game. When he first came out, I didn't think he really fit into the KOF series all that well. Overall, Maxima originally came off as kinda boring to me... and I wasn't a huge fan of how his original sprite looked and animated.

In the earlier games, I always thought Maxima to be a "stiff" character, but his KOF XIII appearance really changed all that. His updated animations, moveset, and 2D sprite effectively redefined him in the franchise... and I have a new respect for the design. Maxima is definitely badass in KOF XIII and animates incredibly smoothly for a big guy. Props to SNK for bringing this guy back, with style. 

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