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K' (pronounced "K Dash") debuted as the leader of the Hero Team in King of Fighters '99. K' was once a normal child who lived with his sister, Seirah. One day, NESTS (a crime syndicate who deals with drugs, genetics, robotics & biotechnology) kidnapped K' and his sister. Over the yeasr, NESTS trained K' to be some kind of weapon. In 1998, K' was to take part in the Kusanagi cloning program. After K' was infused with Kyo's DNA, he was granted the power of pyrokinesis. K's memory was wiped by NESTS and he was made to believe that he was Krizalid's clone.

NESTS ordered K' and Maxima to join the King of Fighters tournament along with Benimaru and Shingo. The team made it to the finals and were sent to find Krizalid, who was posing as the tournament's host. Krizalid fought them to gather their battle data energy and was planning to use the data to activate the thousands of listless Kyo clones around the globe. However, K' defeated him and learns that Krizalid was only a pawn for NESTS. Later, K' and Maxima left NESTS. K' wanted to find a way to regain his lost memories.

The next year, K' and Maxima entered the KOF 2000 tournament to learn NESTS plans, and formed a team with Vanessa and Ramon. However, Vanessa and Ramon were there to capture K' and Maxima, since they were secretly working for Heidern. Their team made it to the finals and encountered Zero. K' defeated him, but they were unable to stop the Zero Cannon from firing. Unknown to them, Kula Diamond and her team were able to destroy. K' and Maxima separated from their teammates after the tournament. Later, Whip ran into them and revealed that K' is her brother. She then joined their resistance effort.

They spent the remainder of the year hunting NESTS's bases across the globe. They stumped some of the syndicate's plans, but none of the bases were the main headquarters they were looking for. K', Maxima and Whip entered the 2001 tournament with Lin, who tracked their movements in his personal hunt for Ron. Once they made it to the finals, they were lifted into a spaceship and were confronted by Original Zero. He revealed that they are on their way to the syndicate's main headquarters and will soon meet the real leader to NESTS. Once they reached the satellite, they meet Nests, Misty, and Igniz. Nests requested their neutral cooperation, but he was quickly killed by Igniz. Igniz's then told them that they were created simply for his personal entertainment. K's team engages in a battle with Igniz and defeated him, but Igniz sent the satellite, that they were on, in a kamikaze crash course to Earth. The satelite crashed into the ocean (apparently thanks to Ron) with most passengers safe. Emerging from the wrecked satelite, K' formed an alliance with Kula and Diana. Both of them want to make their own future and make up for the time lost in their lives.

Before the 2003 started, Chin Gentsai visited K' and Maxima, requesting that they enter the tournament. Chin was feeling a dark wave of energy around KOF that year, and wanted them to investigate it in his place. K's team made it to the finals and fought Mukai. K' defeated him but was distraught by Mukai's taunts about regaining his memories and reaching his true potential. Mukai's words continued to haunt him in the following tournament, leading K' to wonder if he can surpass his fate as "the second Kusanagi flame".

At the end of the XI tournament, K' and his teammates were invited by Heidern to attend a lecture about the mysterious group Those from the Past. Heidern said that he had Magaki's body, but they were attacked by two children who took Magaki's body away. K' had absolutely no interest in entering the KOF XIII and is upset when Chin calls him once more at his apartment with Maxima. Since he soon learns from Chin and Kula that they're in the newest tournament, K' is forced to enter against his own will.
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The King of Fighters '99



King of Fighters 2000, King of Fighters 2001, King of Fighters 2002, King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match, King of Fighters 2003, King of Fighters XI, King of Fighters XIII, King of Fighters XIV, King of Fighters XV, King of Fighters: Maximum Impact, King of Fighters: Maximum Impact MANIAX, King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2, King of Fighters: Neowave, Card Fighters Clash, Card Fighters Clash 2, Card Fighter Clash DS, NeoGeo Battle Coliseum

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Page Updated:  Apr. 25th, 2024

K' made a big impression when he debuted in KOF 99' and quickly became a successful "poster boy" for the series, in addition to being one of the coolest KOF characters in history (which wasn't "easy" task, considering the best of his competition). His bosozoku (Japanese biker gang / goth) attire is undeniably stylish, and his hard-hitting, unique fighting style defines his role as one of the main protagonists of KOF after '99.

Even though he has some similar attributes to Kyo and Iori, he puts his own unique spin on "controlling the flame" and has many unique mannerisms. His KOF XIII appearance redefines his design even more, and I didn't imagine they could make him look even cooler. Seriously... can K' be any cooler? Apparently he can, as his KOF XIV iteration turned out to be rather badass as well. K' is one of those rare characters that you can always depend on to be awesome in whatever fighting game they're in. Characters like K' are difficult to come by... which is why his rating is near perfect.

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