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Rose is a fortune teller from Genoa. During the events of Street Fighter Alpha 2, she sensed that Doomsday was approaching, and knew a person of great evil was causing it. She realized that this person was M. Bison and she set out to find him. When she encountered him, she defeated him and thought that she rid the world of him for good. Unfortunately, after reading her tarot cards, she discovered Bison was still alive.

During Street Fighter Alpha 3, Rose learned that she and Bison share the same soul. When she encountered him this time, she punched through his chest and channeled her energy into his body. She used all of her Soul Power to defeat Bison, but it wasn't enough. Rose passed out from complete exhaustion, and was soon found by Guy (who she met earlier on when he went after Shadaloo). When Bison was defeated by Ryu (who destroyed his body temporarily in the process), Bison's soul went to the Psycho Drive. Charlie sacrificed his life to try and destroy the Psycho Drive, but was not successful. Bison's soul then went to Rose's body, making her his temporary host.
In Street Fighter IV, Rose learned by reading her tarot cards that Bison had survived Akuma's Shun Goku Satsu in the previous tournament. "The Fool" card was also revealed to her, which symbolized reckless heroism. Rose determined that the person represented by this card is the only hope for defeating Bison. She also decided that this person cannot defeat Bison until the stars align, and that she must protect him until such a time. Rose knew that she cannot defeat Bison herself, as she possesses the same power he has. During her participation in the tournament, she ran into Ryu who was planning on stopping his advancement for his own protection and stated that he is "the last hope". This resulted in a battle that neither of them wanted to have.

After the SFIV tournament, Bison ambushed Rose and grabbed her by the face. He decided to let her live and left her unconscious, believing that she will make excellent fodder for his insatiable spirit. However, Guy confronted Bison and demanded that he hand her over or he would destroy Bison's jet - his only source of escape. Bison reluctantly agreed, and Guy allowed him to escape. Rose eventually woke up and decided that there is still work left for her to do. FUN FACT: Rose's design was loosely inspired by Lisa Lisa from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
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Street Fighter Alpha

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Page Updated:  June 7th, 2022

Rose was one of the most unique, and most stylish Street Fighter characters to date when she debuted in the first Street Fighter Alpha. Her fighting style is certainly unorthodox for a fighting game, but nonetheless, very interesting. Her 2D sprite and animation in the Alpha series always looked cool (even after years of re-using it). :)

Like many other old-school Street Fighter fans, I was pleasantly surprised to see Rose return in Street Fighter IV. While she looks cool in 3D for the most part, I think they could've done a better job rendering her face, in particular. She looks a wee bit too "manly" in SF4, if you ask me. In a nutshell, she looks more natural in 2D form (like many Street Fighter characters). Anyhow, she still made a really cool addition to the SF4 series, and her appearance in the game allowed her design to further develop. They definitely nailed her fighting style in the 3D engine, and that was no easy task.

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