Luke (street Fighter 6) and Guy Fieri


Capcom is still trolling us in 2022... In recent years, this particular photo of American restaurateur, author, and an Emmy Award winning television presenter, Guy Fieri, was used for countless internet memes. In short, Guy Fieri's popularity spiked in recent years. Is it a coincidence that Luke's official Street Fighter 6 artwork is based on this iconic Guy Fieri photo? HELL NO it's not a coincidence. Perhaps, Capcom is hoping people will come around to like Luke, as they randomly did with Guy Fieri.


Tom Cruise, Meg Ryan & Art of Fighting (1) Background Characters

The popular film Top Gun starring Tom Cruise released in May 1986. Six years later, SNK released Art of Fighting in September 1992, and decided to include a cute cameo with two background characters resembling Tom Cruise and Meg Ryan in their iconic "movie poster pose" from Top Gun. Interestingly, this U.S. Army stage for AOF1's John Crawley was inspired by Guile's iconic stage from Street Fighter II, which featured similar background characters in army fatigues.


Cody Travers & Arnold Schwarzenegger


Yes, we found the actual reference photo for Cody's original Final Fight concept artwork by Akiman. Over 3 decades after the release of Capcom's iconic beat-em-up, we learn that Cody was at least partly inspired by the man, the myth, the governor... Arnold Schwarzenegger. It even makes sense that Cody was inspired by late 80's Arnold, as he was one of the most popular action heroes of the time. Hey Capcom, how about you guys make Final Fight 4 featuring Mayor Haggar and Governor Arnold teaming up to clean up Metro City's streets once more!?


Marilyn Chambers and Poison Kiss


In continuation... this early concept artwork of Final Fight's Poison Kiss by Akiman was directly referenced from this Insatiable (1980) movie poster featuring Marilyn Chambers. I mean... you can clearly see the similarities, right? Right down to the uhh... jean shorts. Discovering reference art is fun!


Chun-Li & Claudia Schiffer


Street Fighter II V is an anime series that originally aired in Japan in 1995. Much of the Street Fighter cast from the anime, including Chun-Li, showed off brand new threads unfamiliar to their appearances in the games. Along with the Street Fighter II V series, this Chanel advertisement featuring Claudia Schiffer also debuted in 1995! Literally the only difference is the hairstyle. 


Terry Bogard & Ichiro


Discovering random inspirations for iconic fighting game illustration decades after originally seeing the art? Priceless. This classic and iconic Terry Bogard illustration by Shinkiro was inspired by this baseball card of professional Japanese baseball player, Ichiro Suzuki. If you look closely, you can also see Terry's hat has the same "Blue Wave" team logo!


Steve Fox & Brad Pitt as Mickey O'niel


Snatch is a 2000 British-American crime comedy film written and directed by Guy Ritchie. TEKKEN 4 released in arcades just one year later in July 2001. Brad Pitt plays a tough (and hilarious) Irish boxer named Mickey O'Niel who loves street fighting. Steve Fox's original alternate costume concept artwork had him in a fedora hat and a pink shirt ⁠ definitely inspired by Brad Pitt's character in Snatch! However, the final version of Steve's alternate outfit has him in a Blue shirt (probably to make the likeness less obvious).


John Goodman & Goldlewis Dickinson


John Goodman as Walter Sobchak from The Big Lebowski (1998) and Goldlewis Dickinson from Guilty Gear STRIVE (2021). The way Walter takes a crowbar to that car in the movie is pretty much the same animation as Goldlewis swinging his coffin-weapon. I'm calling this one Intentional... and calling Arc System Works fans of The Big Lebowski. Case closed.


Saul Goodman & Sol Badguy

If you need an explanation on this one... well, the joke went over your head (and apparently you've missed out on some of the best TV shows of all time). It's all good, man. Saul Goodman, played by the awesome Bob Odenkirk, is a criminal lawyer from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. Perhaps Sol Badguy's "FREE" belt buckle commemorates that one time when Saul Goodman got him out of a jam. A reckless dude like Sol would need a cheap criminal lawyer like Saul. Makes perfect sense. Both are snazzy dressers, btw.

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