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DNF Duel Spectre Gameplay Reveal, Concept Artwork, Season Pass Details


Following the Arc World Tour 2022 Finals, Arc System Works dropped the gameplay reveal trailer for DNF Duel's first DLC character featured in the game's Season Pass, Spectre. Spectre brings two swords into battle and has great range & movement abilities (including 8-way air movement options). In addition, DNF Duel's Season Pass has been confirmed to have a toal of 5 characters (including Spectre) as well as a new stage. After watching Spectre's reveal trailer below, scroll further down to see the Season Pass Roadmap, Concept Artwork, and first details on Spectre's gameplay.

Nexon also detailed new system mechanics coming to DNF Duel. The first is Clear Cube, an Awakening Effect activated when a character has 50% HP or less. The second mechanic is Gold Cube, a powerful Awakening Effect activated when a character is at 30%. Some characters' original Awakening Effect will be applied to Clear Cube with more powerful Awakening Effect set for Gold Cube.
Below, check out some new Concept Art of Spectre in addition to the very first details on her gameplay style and unique 8-way air movement options.

During the announcement, Arc System Works also mentioned several times that "long term support" is planned for DNF Duel and with future DLC content in development to be released in 2023 and 2024. This is obviously very good news for Dungeon Fighter Online fans and players of DNF Duel. Have a look below at the official DNF Duel Season Pass Roadmap showing 2 additional characters in development and a new stage planned for release in Winter 2023.

In 2024, two more fighters join the roster to conclude the game's first Season.
Following the DNF Duel announcement, Arc system Works also revealed Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Season 2 character "Bedman?" with a gameplay reveal trailer during the Arc World Tour 2022 finals and announced new details on the title's own Season Pass and future content. Head over to the related article (link below) for more on Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Season 2 and stay tuned for more DNF Duel news.
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