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Bedman Revealed for Guilty Gear -STRIVE-


Arc System Works unveiled the third Season 2 character coming to Guilty Gear -STRIVE- next month. A returning character from the -SIGN- / -REVELATOR- era, "Bedman?" returns to the series with a brand new appearance (and persona) in -STRIVE-, joining the roster April 6th. It's worth pointing out that the character's name is actually written "Bedman?" (with a question mark at the end), seemingly making it easier to distinguish the two different characters. This version of Bedman is a totally different character from the original, and appears to be the original Bedman's younger sister, Delilah who previously made a brief appearance in Revelator's Story Mode as "Unknown Girl". [UPDATE] After watching the trailer, see official character artwork for Bedman? below.




*Above is the updated Season Pass 2 DLC Roadmap. The 4th and final Season 2 character will be released May 2023.
Arc System Works also confirmed Season 3 of Guilty Gear -STRIVE- is not only planned but "greenlit," but didn't provide a timeframe for release just yet. (We'd estimate around Summer 2024 if their previous Seasons release dates are anything to go by.) Bedman's trailer also previews the new Fairy's Forest Factory battle stage (also available April 6th). 



Bedman is the third character of GGST's Season 2, joining Sin Kiske and Bridget as the latest additions to the roster. Once again, Arc System Works confirmed Season 2's fourth and final DLC character will be released in May 2023.
In addition to the announcement of "Bedman?", Arc System Works debuted the gameplay reveal trailer for Spectre, the first character of DNF Duel's first Season Pass. Head over to the related article (link below) for more on that announcement. Stay tuned on Fighters Generation for updates and continued coverage. 

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