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Sin Kiske Announced for Guilty Gear -STRIVE-


During IGN's live stream today, Arc System Works announced the return of Sin Kiske, who will be joining Guilty Gear -STRIVE-'s roster on November 24th, 2022. Sin Kiske's reveal trailer and IGN gameplay demo demonstrates his new far-reaching flag weapon and updated fighting style. As the child of Ky Kiske (Allied King of Illyria) and Dizzy (a half-Gear), Sin is one-quarter Gear and was entrusted to Sol by Ky as a child to avoid unwanted attention due to his incredible rate of growth caused by his Gear blood. Watch Sin Kiske's official reveal trailer (below) and continue scrolling to check out his official character artwork and screenshots!

Sin Kiske will arrive as a DLC character starting November 24th for $6.99. Arc System Works also announced that anyone who purchased the prior Bridget DLC individually will get a 15% discount if they buy the individual Sin DLC. Of course, Sin Kiske will also be available to players who currently own Guilty Gear -Strive- Season Pass 2 which is currently priced at


To recap the contents of Season 2
, Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Season Pass 2 will contain a total of four characters (Bridget, Sin Kiske, and 2 additional characters to be released in 2023), two battle stages (to be released later), and the Additional Color Pack #2.

You can watch IGN's full stream archive below which contains the first ever gameplay demo of Sin Kiske in Guilty Gear -STRIVE-.
Once again, the stream also features Arc System Works' esports manager Riku Ozawa and producer Ken Miyauchi.

[UPDATE] Arc System Works also released a Sin Kiske starter guide (video) featuring commentary and tips on how to play the character. Check it out in the new article! Stay tuned on Fighters Generation for more fighting game news.
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