Tuesday, November 22nd, 2022

Street Fighter 6 Dhalsim Theme


Today, Capcom unveiled Dhalsim's official Street Fighter 6 theme song on their main Street Fighter YouTube channel. The new track titled "The Great Sunlight" is 3 minutes in length and naturally suits the fire-breathing Yoga legend with its traditional Indian instruments and sound. Without further ado, give Dhalsim's SF6 theme a listen by clicking play on the video, below. 

About a month ago, Capcom also posted the official Street Fighter 6 theme songs for Ken Masters and Blanka on the Street Fighter YouTube channel. While you're here, also give a listen to the latest released SF6 theme songs in the video links provided below.


Back in August, Capcom posted SF6 theme songs for Juri Han and Kimberly, as well. See our previous article (directly below) for convenient links to every Street Fighter 6 theme song released thus far.

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Street Fighter 6 Kimberly & Juri Themes

Today, Capcom released the official Street Fighter 6 themes for the two most recently revealed characters to join the roster, Kimberly and Juri Han. Regarding Kimberly's first-ever theme song, Capcom said her song reflects the newcomer's modern take on traditional ninja techniques.

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New Street Fighter 6 Story Artwork by Bengus & Hiroaki Hashimoto

New Street Fighter 6 arcade mode story illustrations by Bengus and Hiroaki Hashimoto were revealed at Capcom's Street Fighter 35th Anniversary Osaka event. Street Fighter 6 director Takayuki Nakayama posted some photos of the new artwork...

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SF6 Ken Classic Costume Screens

On Twitter, Capcom showed off several new high resolution Street Fighter 6 screenshots of Ken Masters donning his original red Karate gi his "classic" costume in the game. A few of these screens previously appeared in Game Informer's recent Street Fighter 6...

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Street Fighter 6 Ken Story Art, UDON Comic

Game Informer continued their Street Fighter 6 coverage today, offering a new look at Ken's official storyline and story artwork. Game director Takayuki Nakayama and art director Kaname Fujioka sat down with GI to talk about what's going on in Ken's life...

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New Street Fighter 6 Concept Art

Capcom's Tokyo Game Show '22 Online Program live stream premiered a ton of new character illustrations, including some new official concept artwork for Kimberly, Jamie, and Luke. On Twitter, Capcom's Takayuki Nakayama shared the high-res versions of these illustrations.
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