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Street Fighter 6 Open Beta


Monday evening, Capcom announced a public Open Beta Test for Street Fighter 6 taking place May 19th - 21st, 2023. The Open Beta will feature Crossplay on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam and features the same content than fans experienced a few months back during the Closed Beta Test #2, meaning 8 playable characters and various ways to play online! See Capcom's official tweet via @StreetFighter below for the announcement video. 

Capcom mentioned on the official site that because so many people sent in applications for the most recent SF6 closed beta, they decided to carry out this upcoming public open beta for everyone.
With Street Fighter 6 releasing in just under a month's time on June 2nd, it's pretty awesome (needless to say) that now everyone can try out the game and a good portion of the roster before the big release day! Keep it here on Fighters Generation for upcoming Street Fighter 6 news and content.
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 Source:  @StreetFighter

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