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Side-by-Side Graphics Comparison of TEKKEN Tag Tournament 2 and TEKKEN 7 Character Models


Originally released in arcades in 2011, and in 2012 on consoles, TEKKEN Tag Tournament 2 was one of the most impressive, diverse, and open-ended 3D fighting games of the era. From the 100's of team possibilities, to the multitude of creative combos, to the highly-polished visuals and character models... TTT2 still holds up today as one of the best and most interesting installments of the TEKKEN series. A new YouTube video by YOYO-DODO compares the character models of TTT2 with those from TEKKEN 7, released 4 years later. Presented in beautifully crispy 1440p (60fps), and using some great close-up camera angles, the video provides an in-depth comparison of each game's graphics.

The YOYO-DODO YouTube channel features a variety of similar (and excellent) videos, comparing the character and stage graphics of 3D fighting games with those of their sequels. As a bonus, here are two more great side-by-side videos comparing the character models from KOF XIV to KOF XV, and SoulCalibur 4 and 5 to SoulCalibur 6.
After watching these videos in full quality, it would be difficult to argue against the fact that the PS3 versions of SoulCalibur IV and V still hold up today in the visuals department if not "outshining" those in the most modern installment of the series, SoulCalibur 6. During the era, Bandai Namco's visuals team at the time definitely showed their mastery of "lighting" techniques, properly blending character models with backgrounds to make them stand out better, among other impressive visual elements
all using their own in-house graphics engine (before switching to the Unreal Engine later on).

If you enjoyed these comparison videos, be sure to check out and subscribe to YOYO-DODO's YouTube channel for even more content.
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