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TEKKEN: Bloodline Netflix Interview with Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray


Netflix posted a new video interview featuring TEKKEN producers Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray. In addition to showing some brand new footage from the TEKKEN: Bloodline anime series, in the 8-minute video, Harada and Murray are asked about the fan reception to TEKKEN: Bloodline, along with what they personally think about the anime series' visuals, animation, sound, and more. The producers also share their thoughts about how "the longest-running video game storyline" translates into the latest TEKKEN adaptation which begins streaming on Netflix tomorrow, August 18th.

When asked about the lore represented in the anime series, Harada said, "There have been few adaptations of TEKKEN that showed this much understanding and respect to the original game." As Harada has repeated several times in previous interviews, "TEKKEN has the longest running storyline out of any game series," said the producer. Harada went on to say that the anime "gives you a glimpse of why it goes on so long," and "a lot of that history has been condensed in the anime."
Interestingly, it appears TEKKEN: Bloodline will reveal new backstories and costume details about some characters, details which have not yet been represented in the games. "There are backstories and costume details that do not come up in the game," said Harada. "In the games, you could only read about Jin's background."

Harada also expressed that he was impressed with the creative interpretation from the anime's creators, and even hinted that this could come full circle in the next TEKKEN game. "There are scenes that the anime creators interpreted and created, and some of it is so wonderful that we'd like to use it as the official setting of the game," said Harada. "I'd like fans to look forward to that," Harada added. Maybe we'll see some anime inspirations appear in TEKKEN 8?
In the interview, Producer Michael Murray stated there were "so many elements" that impressed him about the anime "just from the first episode." He also mentioned there are several easter eggs hiding in the anime as well. "For example, the idea that Jun is involved with animal conservation," Murray said.


TEKKEN: Bloodline begins streaming August 18th exclusively on Netflix. You can check out some great screenshots from the TEKKEN: Bloodline anime inside July article. Stay tuned on The Fighters Generation for continued coverage.
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