Wednesday, January 13th, 2021

BlazBlue: Alternative Dark War Smartphone RPG Coming in Feb. 2021, Developed as a Legitimate Sequel


Today, Arc System Works director Minoru Kidooka announced a mobile RPG spin-off of Arc's other 2D fighting game franchise that isn't Guilty Gear... (yeah, BlazBlue). Developed by Linked Brain Co., BlazBlue: Alternative Dark War is a smartphone RPG launching in February 2021 and is reportedly being developed as a "legitimate sequel" to the fighting game series, continuing the main storyline. The first official key artwork and logo for BlazBlue: Alternative Dark War can be seen below.

Famitsu reported that "Tsuikaka" of the Kaka Tribe (pictured below) has been appointed as the official "public relations officer" for BlazBlue: Alternative Dark War. Tsuikaka will be keeping users up to date on upcoming events and characters coming to BlazBlue: ADW (via the game's official Twitter account).

To commemorate the resumption of pre-registration for BlazBlue: Alternative Dark War, the devs announced that all participating players will unlock "S-Class Noel (school uniform)" along with other various rewards and items for downloading the game and signing up (pictured below).

More details on BlazBlue: Alternative Dark War and the official link to pre-register for the game is now available on the Official Site.

 Sources:  FamitsuOfficial Site@BBDARKWAR     

Guilty Gear STRIVE Anji Mito Reveal Trailer

Arc System Works previously confirmed Anji Mito will be returning in Guilty Gear -STRIVE- during the reveal of series newcomer, Giovanna. We now have the first look at Anji's updated appearance in STRIVE thanks to his official character art and reveal trailer!
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